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The LG mobile phone has gone to a whole new level with the use of the Android OS and the users are moving on with the new trend. LG Android phones in Nigeria have become one of the best and has gotten users to anticipate more on what will be out next. Getting a phone is necessary, but what is more important is the operating system used, the processor speed and memory capacity. With all these in check you might just have the right kind of android phone at your disposal.

Enjoy LG Android phones like you have never have and get rid of your old phone.

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Shopping for the best? Then you need to get it at the right store online. Make no mistake as you have all models of mobile phones here to choose from. Here's our LG G3 review. See also: Best smartphones How does the LG G3 shape up now that it is a previous generation smartphone? Read our LG G3 review to find out. Update June It seems hard to believe that the LG G3 has now been out for longer than two years, but it has and we're already starting to think about the LG G6. Although it's been replaced by the G4 and G5, the LG G3 remains a decent option for those looking for a high-end smartphone without spending much money.

Despite its age, the G3 offers a very good 5. Phones do tend to go out of date very quickly but the LG G3 has managed to largely avoid this and can still hold its own against new handsets. When you consider the spec of the LG G3, as well as its high-class of build and design, that is an amazing deal.

A phone from the higher echelons would cost you around twice that more if you want an iPhone. And the difference between and is not great, in terms of performance. We are at 'peak smartphone', in many ways. But even though buying unlocked and outright is always the cheapest way to source your smartphone, not everyone can afford to do so. Here we will also look at the availability and price of the LG G3 on contract. There are caveats for all of these deals, and you will have to pay more to limit your contract to or 12 months, or simply to get more data and calls. But in a like-for-like comparison the LG G3 remains very cheap for a high-class phone.

And it remains widely available.

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If you are looking for a flagship phone, and you can bear not to have the latest deal, the LG G3 is a genuine bargain in summer The LG G3 is just 8. Either way it's impressive considering the sheer quality of tech that is squeezed in to that thin body. At 75 x mm in size, the G3 is a large phone due to its bigger screen size compared to its predecessor and other flagship devices. That's unsurprising but what is a surprise is how LG has managed to keep the overall size of the device down — it's really no bigger than its rivals. It's all down to those tiny bezels which were one element which made the G2 so impressive - screen size isn't everything.

Even though the phone is a similar size to rivals, that 5. This combined with the width of the device does make it a little unwieldy but we're getting used to it. LG has thought about the size of the screen and implemented software features to help out — see software section. It's no surprise that the LG G3 has gained some weight considering its overall size but not much at all, g up from g.

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A major design change is the introduction of metal. For starters, there's a brushed metal frame running around the edge which separates the front from the back. The rear cover is removable and made of plastic but has a 'metallic skin' which has a brushed finish and is scratch-resistance not self-healing like the G Flex. We're not a big fan of the rear cover on the white model but it looks and feels nice on the other colours — black, gold, violet and red.

It doesn't feel as premium as the M8 but is a step up from its predecessor and other plastic rivals. You get the best of both worlds, with access to the battery and a decent finish. As you can see, LG has stuck with its choice of placing the phone's physical buttons on the back next to the camera. We weren't sure about this when it was introduced on the G2 but it's actually very comfortable and makes a lot of sense. The new buttons don't stick out so much and have a textured finish. While some devices on the market are dust- and waterproof, the G3 is not.

LG says it didn't want to make the device bigger and heavier to gain this feature. Overall though, we would say that the LG G3 remains a well build and classy handset. It is a big slab of screen - robust and stylish.

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We recommend purchasing a case for the LG G3, but mainly because LG has made the sensible decision to allow you to replace the thin back cover with a more robust case. Again, the best of all worlds. We're going to lead off with the screen on the G3 because it's the most important piece of hardware on the device. It's named Quad HD because it's four times the resolution of p.

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The LG G3 has a 5. The previous record holder was the original HTC One with ppi. The big question is 'do we need or want Quad HD on a phone? LG says the display is comparable to a high-quality photo book. Everything on the screen is super crisp; no matter how hard you try, you just cannot see an individual pixel. LG has struck a great balance with the colour too; it's not in your face like Samsung's displays tend to be but not overly soft either.

The other question is whether this has a negative impact on battery life. See the battery life section below to see what LG claims and our findings.

That's not you, right?

You can argue the toss all day long as to whether a display such as the LG G3's is necessary. But use this phone for a while and you will grow to love the amazing display. There were rumours of an Octa-core processor but LG instead went for a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor instead which means the G3 matches rivals on this front. However, the chip is clocked at 2. It's unsurprising that performance is smooth and nippy the vast majority of the time. See also : What's the fastest smartphone? The software is designed for 2GB so the extra on the 32GB device simply gives headroom.

It seems more and more smartphone vendors are ditching higher capacity 64GB models apart from Apple that is. A drawback of LG's last flagship smartphone was a lack of expandable storage, but the firm has corrected this problem with the G3.

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  • LG Smartphone Deals & Offers;
  • All LG Smartphone Discounts, Offers and Sale - October 12222.
  • All LG G3 Discounts, Offers and Sale - October 12222.

It's easily accessible underneath the rear cover without needing to remove the battery. The connectivity on the G2 was strong with dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4. LG sticks with USB 2. Well now the G3 includes a 1Watt speaker with a 'boost amp' to improve sound quality when headphones aren't plugged in. It's impressively loud but the down side is that the speaker is rear facing and mono, not stereo.

There were rumours of the G3 getting a fingerprint scanner to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s but this is one rumour which turns out not to be true. LG says it will not put this feature in a phone until it is easy to use — a dig at Samsung?

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The resolution of the G3's main camera remains at 13Mp as was the case on the G2 but there are a number of improvements which have been added. For starters there's a dual-LED flash which should come in handy in low light situations. More impressive is the inclusion of recording video in 4K resolution. That's not a new feature for smartphones but the LG G3's laser auto focus certainly is — it shoots a cone shaped beam to quickly focus in just ms.

In our tests, it works really well and actually came from LG's robotic vacuum cleaner.

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Lg g3 hot uk deals

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